lundi 18 juillet 2011

Airsoft AEG : DBoys M4 CQB-R 6mm BB

Here is my DBoys CQB-R AEG, it is an interesting model at a very cheap price, I know that some "experts" spend a lot of money to improve it. Personally I do not upgrade "investing" in spare parts, I do not play "in the field", so I can not justify any improvements. It is certainly not the best model, but you can count on it if you are careful with your toy... I have this model for more then 3 years, and no problem so far ("plinking" in my garden only of course).
All the markings are there, but... White... Why??? OK, I could remove the white or cover with black paint, but I get use to it with time, I just do not get the point to highlight the marking on a "weapon"???!!!??? If there is a tactical reason do not hesitate to tell it to me !

The hop up system is easily accessible, but once the window is open, the look is not realistic at all...
The main proportions of the AR15 body are well rendered, but as usual the "zamac" just seems too fragile for me.

Here is a sizes comparison with an AR15 A2 and A Steyr STG 58 (a copy of the FN FAL under Steyr license). The Compact M4 is of course more practical for the players.

The average speed of the M4 CQB-R is around 337 FPS with 0,25g BB.

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