mercredi 20 juillet 2011

BB Revolver : ASG Dan Wesson 357 8" - 4,5mm CO2

OK, another BB gun, this time it is the toy of a friend who doesn't have enough room where she lives, so I keep her revolver and she comes to enjoy it in the garden.
I can of course use it anytime if I want ! (if I am careful...). It came out of the box with a rail, 6 fake cartridges and a stupid and not practical "speed" loader...
The 8 inches barrel gives it an impressive look.
The inside cylinder has been weakened to avoid any use with a real cartridge. But the extractor is functionnal like the original. The cylinder has 6 chambers and rotates counterclockwise.
The brass cartridges have a nice look, too sad they are marked Dan Wesson... 357 Mag would have been better.
You get 6 cartridges only, I purchased 25 more separately (the wrong model... But I already converted 6 of them...) The fact that you have to handle the cartridges and fill the chamber like the original, makes this model a perfect revolver trainer for the beginner.
The rear sight is adjustable.
The sight is basic but OK, it is not made for "combat" because of the lenght of the barrel, and the time to acquire the target, it is more for "hunting"...
It is a heavy toy, 1,05 kg... But a real Python 6" is at 1,320 kg, so the Dan Wesson replica is not that heavy... And anyway you get use to it quickly.
The finish is "clean" but mat black... Some noobs would love its smooth and dark aspect... Personally I do not like it, in fact I do not like any zamac finish... If you compare with a Colt royal blue you will understand what I mean... Some gloss zamac finishes are acceptable, and for a modern pistol like a SIG or a Glock it is fine, but please do not tell me that this is a perfect finish...
The real Colt and Korth have some of the best finishes.
The proportions of the "Dan Wesson" frame behind the cylinder is not elegant, this is due to the CO2 system... But If you have never seen a real Dan Wesson you will not notice it.

The accuracy test was really positive at 10 meters (11 yards - 32,8 feet) 18 BBs.
Again, no miracle with a smooth bore barrel. The CO2 pressure was more constant then usual during the shooting session.