dimanche 17 juillet 2011

BB Rifle : Umarex - Baikal - YunkerII 4,5mm (based on real AK)

This the "Umarex" - "Baikal", Yunker2...
Did Umarex build it? NO ! Did Baikal built it ? NO ! So where did this stuff comes from ?
Eastern Europe for sure ! But exactly ? NO idea !
But this CO2 rifle is 95% real steel  ! As it is built around a real AK 74 base !

The look and feel is perfect!
The bolt-carrier is functional even if it does nothing...
The C02 conversion is mainly the firing mechanism, the magazine, and the barrel.

The sight is the basic standard AK sight in steel of course !
The Flash suppressor is in ZAMAC ??? On some versions it is in plastic (different shape), so I'm happy at least with this stupid Zamac part...
The CO2 system is integrated into a real AK magazine, It is a very strong piece, but it's not practical to load the 4,5mm BBs...
The markings on the frame are Yunker 2 (the model ?) And Umarex (license owner ?)
on the CO2 system, Baikal ! Maybe Baikal was in charge of the conversion?
Baikal produces cheap and basic real weapons.
They produce also a CO2 Makarov in 4,5mm, based on the real pistol too.


I own some other AK magazines, so I tried one real AK 74 magazine on it and it fits perfectly

Here is a comparison with a real Chinese AK 47, most of the parts can be changed from one to the other...

So what is the point with this rifle?
Accurate ? I wouldn't say so... But for plinking at 10m it is fun !
Replica ? Yes ! As it is based on the real one, it is not a replica, IT IS A REAL AK !
Reliable ? Of course ! it is steel made and so simple !
The price was cheap so, why not ? It will be a nice addition to my modern PM collection.
 Here is the accuracy test, the target is an actual size bowling pin, printed on an A4.
The circle in the center has a diameter of 50mm.
I placed he first target at 10metres.
 The two impacts on the top were the first, after this, the pressure goes down a little bit.
and the group gets more coherent.
I was not expecting better result with a smooth bore barrel, a CO2 cartridge that freeze after five BBs, and a 15° in July... At least it was not raining today... (not yet).
Here is a more realistic view of the 10 meters target (11 yards 32,8 feet), and the 20 meters target  (21,8 yards - 65,6 feet). I shoot on the 33cl cans on the back with no problem.

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David.SADOK a dit…

the MFR of the Yunker is the Russian Weapons MFR " Izhmash"