samedi 29 octobre 2011

Airsoft Rifle : AW 308 (6mm) Bolt Action Sniper Rifle

 After trying paintball last summer, I was really disappointed by the total lack of accuracy of the paintball material (that I can afford), so I get back to my nineties  hobby: "Airsoft !"
I know Gas and AEG system for more then 20 years already, and it is true that many improvements has been done till then...

For example, I had the opportunity to test a friend's Viper Tech M4, equivalent to Inokatsu, but without commercial marking (cheaper price).
It was really cool, many steel parts, nice mechanical sound, but I'll be back later about high quality airsoft guns, when I'll own mine too...
But let's get back to "accuracy", I wanted to try a cheap bolt action rifle, I found this one for 130€, I know that you can find it cheaper on the web...

I took a basic scope 4x32, for 35€ (I'm not sure of the exact price), I knew that for this "cheap" price, I would get a Chinese stuff...

"Cybergun"... Oh ! What a surprise, Chinese repack again...

Do not believe whatever is written on these Cybergun boxes... This is just marketing bullshit...

The best is to test, share experiments with other players, and make your own idea according to your personal final aim.
Me, for example, I do not jump in the mud, crawl, in the woods... So I do not need the best equipment, sometime I buy "cheap", knowing that I will have problems... And I enjoy having fun repairing or improving this kind of "crap"...

I know that it exists many upgrade kits to improve this "Chinese clone" (I do not know who did the original AW308 airsoft replica???). But as I mentioned before in other Airsoft topics, I do not invest too much in one hobby, as I have many others...

The 4 X 32 scope is more then enough for an airsoft rifle, I tried to take a picture (not easy...).
No problem to assemble the rifle and to mount the scope.

I used 0,30g 6mm bb's to test the bolt rifle.

Of course the bolt is only a long metal cylinder, containing the main spring. The magazine is not easy to load, and it does not fit smoothly.

The magazine lock is fixed with a small screw that you must check regularly.
The hop-up system is also located down there.
The magazine is not located under the chamber like the original, "they" placed it under the barrel...
Where the "real" 6mm chamber is.
To improve the range, I have add a brass cylinder behind the spring to increase the compression.

No, I'm not bald yet... This is just a friend testing the rifle with me...
With 0,30g bb's the speed is around 300 FPS.
And once the hop-up and the scope are correctly set up, you can shoot easily 33cl cans at 20m.
I have placed a human size wooden target at 40m. The cheap bolt rifle does the job perfectly !

To sumarize :
This is only a chinese "clone" replica, be sure not to invest too much money in it.
The black plastic of the frame seems very fragile, the fitting is not great.
The rifle is really too light 3,4kg, and it gives a very "toy" feeling...
The general look is "ok", except the position of the magazine.

The acuracy???
It depends on what you want to do and on what you can afford !
If you want to have fun on cans at 10m, I would say it is already "too powerfull and too accurate".
With this rifle, it starts to be fun at 20m minimum, still on cans.
If you want to shoot human players (wearing protective equipment of course), you can do it at 40-45m with enough accuracy (forget the small cans at that range...).
But the manual spring bolt requires some strenght, and the move will make you loose your target when you will reload... You will be "spotted" immediately and "hit" by a basic AEG  or a powerful gas handgun.
If you want to play the "silent ghillie guy..." And if you want to shoot more than one enemy without moving... Choose a gas system ! Watch videos on you tube you will understand the comfort to use gas.

But manual spring system has also its advantages, cheap, simple (quite easy to fix or upgrade), you do not need to care about gas or battery, no temperature problem in winter, etc...
I'm sure that it exists other models of bolt spring airsoft sniper rifles, with a higher quality, go for it if you want to avoid problems. But if you take care of your rifle you can have a lot of gun with this basic model.

It requires technique, patience, and a lot of fairplay (which the most important in airsoft anyway).
You will be frustrated very quickly... Or if you can afford it, carry also a M4 AEG or Gas as a backup.

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