samedi 21 janvier 2012

Airsoft : ASG Glock G-17

This is the airsoft replica of the Glock 17, the original is in 9X19mm, of course this Gas Blow Back pistol is using 6mm BBs.
This one doesn't have the original markings (license issue), but I do not care.
The black finish of the slide, the barrel and the magazine, seems more fragile than the KJW G32c, after a few shots, I noticed that the slide turned gray, and was covered with "black dust" coming from the black finish, I cleaned it because the silicon oil, that I use as lubricant, was mixed with this abrasive dust (remains of paint).

The more I shot and the more "stable" it gets, after each cleaning it became black again.
I do not have a "chrony" to test the average speed, I'll do this with friends, next summer in the garden, with an accuracy test at a longer range.

The proportions are really nice, I'm not a fan of the Glock type pistols, but I have to admit how effective the real ones are, and of course I recognize the commercial success of the Glock around the world, with special forces, police and army.

The lack of markings on the slide, could be a problem for the "kid", who really believes that he owns a "Glock fom Austria"...
When everybody knows this is just a crap from Taiwan or China... I think that in this case the "design" is "improved", and gives a minimalist aspect to this plastic and zamac toy.

The grip is like the real one, it looks like a "heavy sand paper", but in fact this is one of the most comfortable pistol to shoot with, the angle of the grip and the slide is just "perfect", it reminds me the "Luger", that is one of the most brilliant designed pistol ever.

Sadly, "they" decided to put some white markings on the right side of the slide...

There is a  cover at the bottom of the magazine, it must be removed, to fill it with gas... I thought this was "annoying", so I drilled a hole in front of the valve (not visible at that time when I took the picture).

There is a "tactical rail" underneath the barrel, where you can add a laser, or a light or whatever...

They supply two accessories, one to ease the filling of the magazine, the other is to set up the "HopUp", which is around the "entrance" of the "chamber".

Here is the "HopUp" system accessible form the window of the slide.

The magazine has a very practical "little function", you can "lock down the elevator", this makes the BBs filling really faster.

This is a quick "family" picture of some of my Glocks, the first (on the left), is an Italian crap, 8mm blank pistol (Bruni), I think I bought it 15 years ago... Do not ask me why... Guns fanatics have many stupid, impulsive, reactions in front of a new toy...
The one in the center is the ASG G-17, and the third (on the right) is the KJW G-36c (compact), it is not "obvious" on this picture.

Here is the exploded view of this Glock replica.

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