samedi 5 février 2011

PBY/OA 10A Catalina : Revell

Scale : 1/48
Cockpit & Details : From the box
Painting : Tamiya
Varnish : Tamiya

The work is not over yet, I still have to paint some small details like, windscreen wipers, paint chips, oil stains. etc...

Camaro Stylo Gorillaz Scalextric + Custom Paint

Scale : 1/32
Painting : Tamiya
Varnish : Tamiya

I just love Gorillaz ! I'm crazy about this band and their videos.
I've realized that, among my slot cars collection, I have a Camaro !
I did not do a full conversion, as the model is quite OK on the track and I do not want to damage the frame and the wheels.
So, I did focus only on the painting.

F14 Tomcat Eggplane : Hasegawa

Scale : ?
Cockpit & Details : from the box
Painting : Tamiya
Varnish : Tamiya