dimanche 22 janvier 2012

Airsoft : KJ Works Sig Sauer P-226 - P226 KJW

Of course as most of you already know, this is the KJ Works Sig Sauer P226 in olive drab finish, another of my cheap airsoft pistols. I was pleased with my Glocks, G-17 and G-32, but... It was half ABS plastic and half metal (Zamac). Yes it is OK because the real thing is also a mix of synthetic and steel...But I do not really like that, on a design point of view... So I went back to my airsoft store, to get a full metal replica, but then I saw the Colt 2009 Rail Concept KJW, I could not resist... I never had a CO2 semi automatic pistol before... So OK, I learned about my 45 had a lot of fun with it, but I still did not have a full métal GBB... So ! I went back to my store again, and asked for a full metal replica, I did not care about the model, or the brand, as it is not too expensive. (I love Inokatsu replica, but I'll never pay around 1000euro for a replica... It is a beautiful toy but at that price even full steel, this is insane...).
The Olive drab finish was "OK", not realistic, because it is just a coat of "green paint", nothing to do with a real "parkerized finish".
This model is a variant of the KP-01 with an extended barrel to add a "sound suppressor"...
I know... It is ridiculous to pretend to reduce the sound of and "airsoft"... But OK, I wanted to know and to see how it looks like ? It reminds me the ones who are proud of the "real kick" of their airsoft... What are we talking about??? Lets be honest, it is just fun to see mobile parts moving, and feel that something is happening when you shoot... But please... "Kick" ?!?!? Try to stay at 1 meter of a 44mag or a 50AE with eye and ear protection, even without shooting yourself, just stay beside at 1meter... You will feel the shock wave, the blast, the heat, and the noise... You will never talk about kick for an airsoft anymore... I know that you can't compare, airsoft and real stuff, because the final purpose is different. But I can not stand these young jerks, talking about their "airsoft weapons", most of them or not even 18...
This is just a replica with a few joules only...
A few joules can hurt for sure, so that's why all safety rules must be applied to airsoft too. But I have seen many noobs, handling their airsoft careless about any safety... So they get used to something that looks like a gun, they believe they can handle a real weapon like they handle their replicas... If one day they have the opportunity to touch a real weapon... Bang ! You're dead... Or severely wounded...

But OK... I stop talking bullshit, and complain... Let's go back to this "airsoft" !

The global shape is close to the original, the "decocking" and "slide stop" lever are in steel... The extended barrel without sound suppressor doesn't look nice, but I can replace it later if necessary.
The olive drab finish is too "bright", it should be "mat", and the more I shoot, the more I clean it, brighter it gets...
There is nothing to do about that...
I could polish it later when it will be more damaged and use some Aluma-Hyde or Duracoat spray paint, but bye-bye painted brand markings...

The magazine is "black", after a few magazines, during my first shooting session, I had a leak at the bottom of the magazine... Ok... Get back to the shop... Start complain... Blabla... Waste my time !!!
I do not care about the warranty on these Taïwanese craps, and anyway, you can be sure that the seller will pretend that I did something wrong... And he never saw that before... BULLSHIT !
But me ? I've seen this before ! And I have a lot of "O ring" in stock... So I dismantled the bottom of the magazine, which is maintained by two steel rods, I do not like this system at all, the G-32 (from KJW too), is using a long screw, that is more practical and reduce a lot the risk of leak.
As usual the "O ring" had taken a "squared shape", and gets harder because of the huge changes in temperature... I found another "O'ring" of the same diameter, put it in place, place back the bottom... And this is where the fun begins... Put back the 2 rods was not easy at all with only two hands... But I managed to finish the job without damaging the magazine (it was new and I want it to still "looks new").
I refilled the Magazine again, and no leak anymore! Since then no problem!

You can see on these angles that the "olive drab" finish looks a bit "cheap".
The sight is the "three-dot" type, it is OK for combat, but I do not like it for accuracy shooting on paper targets.
The markings on the grip are engraved and clean.
I use a "Viper" universal thigh holster, it is cheap and "reliable" for airsoft practice, the price/quality is OK.
This is a small suppressor (just for the fun and the look).
This is a larger suppressor, that I usually place on my M4, the look is really nice, but its diameter is too large and it comes in front of the sight, for a human body target at 15 meters, it is still not a problem to hit, even without the sight...

I have used many types of gas, pretended "green gas"... In fact basic propane mixed with silicon oil and with a different perfume. I bought this "Walther" branded bottle recently, we will see.
I used 0,25gr BB, I think that 0,20 is too light for a GBB, 0,30gr is too heavy, I use 0,30gr for the sniper rifle only.
I'll do my accuracy and chrony tests as soon as I have my own chrony.
As usual, here is the exploded views, first the barrel.
Then the slide.
And the frame.

samedi 21 janvier 2012

Airsoft : ASG Glock G-17

This is the airsoft replica of the Glock 17, the original is in 9X19mm, of course this Gas Blow Back pistol is using 6mm BBs.
This one doesn't have the original markings (license issue), but I do not care.
The black finish of the slide, the barrel and the magazine, seems more fragile than the KJW G32c, after a few shots, I noticed that the slide turned gray, and was covered with "black dust" coming from the black finish, I cleaned it because the silicon oil, that I use as lubricant, was mixed with this abrasive dust (remains of paint).

The more I shot and the more "stable" it gets, after each cleaning it became black again.
I do not have a "chrony" to test the average speed, I'll do this with friends, next summer in the garden, with an accuracy test at a longer range.

The proportions are really nice, I'm not a fan of the Glock type pistols, but I have to admit how effective the real ones are, and of course I recognize the commercial success of the Glock around the world, with special forces, police and army.

The lack of markings on the slide, could be a problem for the "kid", who really believes that he owns a "Glock fom Austria"...
When everybody knows this is just a crap from Taiwan or China... I think that in this case the "design" is "improved", and gives a minimalist aspect to this plastic and zamac toy.

The grip is like the real one, it looks like a "heavy sand paper", but in fact this is one of the most comfortable pistol to shoot with, the angle of the grip and the slide is just "perfect", it reminds me the "Luger", that is one of the most brilliant designed pistol ever.

Sadly, "they" decided to put some white markings on the right side of the slide...

There is a  cover at the bottom of the magazine, it must be removed, to fill it with gas... I thought this was "annoying", so I drilled a hole in front of the valve (not visible at that time when I took the picture).

There is a "tactical rail" underneath the barrel, where you can add a laser, or a light or whatever...

They supply two accessories, one to ease the filling of the magazine, the other is to set up the "HopUp", which is around the "entrance" of the "chamber".

Here is the "HopUp" system accessible form the window of the slide.

The magazine has a very practical "little function", you can "lock down the elevator", this makes the BBs filling really faster.

This is a quick "family" picture of some of my Glocks, the first (on the left), is an Italian crap, 8mm blank pistol (Bruni), I think I bought it 15 years ago... Do not ask me why... Guns fanatics have many stupid, impulsive, reactions in front of a new toy...
The one in the center is the ASG G-17, and the third (on the right) is the KJW G-36c (compact), it is not "obvious" on this picture.

Here is the exploded view of this Glock replica.

lundi 12 décembre 2011

NON FIRING REPLICA (Metal) : Winchester M 1897

This is the MGC (Model Gun Corporation) replica of the Winchester 12 gauge pump shotgun Model 1897. The look is fine the wooden stock is in good condition. The barrel in (zamac) is gloss black, the frame is in a dark steel color, the magazine tube is in steel an blued. Apparently you could still find recently an upgraded version of this rifle from Tanaka at modelguns-worldwide.com
The finish of these recent models are really nice, but remember that they replaced some metal parts with ABS plastic... 
On the side, it is mentioned "Model 1897 Shotgun", and U.S. on the frame.
The front of the rifle looks impressive, as most shotgun rifles.
The hammer is external, this is typical to this 1897 model.
The markings on the top of the barrel are :
Safety device shotgun model designed by apr. 28. 1975 Manufactured by Modelgun Corporation Tokyo Japan.
And the MGC logo of course.
The 28 of April 1975 ! That's an accurate information... Before or after lunch ?
Anyway it gives you the information of the start of the production time for this replica. I remember buying this one end of the 80's.
I remember also that I have replaced the screws maintaining the rear plate of the wooden stock, and I erased the MGC logo, that was in "relief".
Based on pictures, I've added a serial number on the frame and an arsenal number on the stock
Actioning the pump will push a Dummy cartridge in the frame, moving the pump forward will raise and will load the cartridge in the chamber (not really in fact, but it is very complicated to explain... And it is linked to the use of Caps in "firing mode" with the appropriate dummies).

My dummies are in red plastic, the chrome of the base of the cartridge is quite fragile, and some chrome chips went away with time...

Other non firing replica : MGC Colt XM 177 - AR15 Commando
Other non firing replica : RMI Colt 1911 A1 45 acp

dimanche 11 décembre 2011

NON FIRING REPLICA (Metal) : MGC Colt XM 177 - AR15 Commando

Here is the MGC 5 (Model Gun Corporation) replica of the XM177 (of the 70's). You can see some of these replicas in the movie: "Full metal jacket" From S. Kubrick. It is in metal (zamac) like the RMI 1911A1. You can still find some of these models (even cap firing, but improved) at modelguns-worldwide.com It seems that the production and distribution is not regular, if you see a model and if you want it, you'd better be fast... But be cautious too, today some models are partially in abs plastic and zamac...
And the price is totally insane ! Ok it is collector, but you can find excellent full metal airsoft replicas, for half of this price... But.. Ok ! The purpose is different, I can not judge...

This model is in three tones, black, dark metal and blue steel.

This is not a perfect replica, but the overall shape is ok

Of course the markings, at that time, had nothing to do with the reality...
But you can see that it was "made in japan", when the Japanese toys invaded europe in the 70's, everybody complains of course, and after the japanese crisis, most of the Japanese productions were delocalized, and today Made in Japan is a sign of the past...

You can load a dummy cartridge in the chamber, and eject it, the system was created for caps blowback use. But I never saw it working on this model, again, go on the website modelguns-worldwide.com to see more videos.

The bolt carrier is not realistic, the loading and ejecting is working well, but visually, they could have done a better job...

The 223 dummy cartridges are not as realistic as the 45 ACP ones...
The magazine has a very nice blue finish, it is not compatible with the real one.
You can not load real 223 ammo in the replica of course.
The two magazines, replica and real, look really close, but can not be exchanged.

Other non firing replica : Winchester M 1897
Other non firing replica : RMI Colt 1911 A1 45 acp