samedi 16 avril 2011

Trident Starfighter : Dinky Toys

Starbird Spaceship : MB

This is one of the most elegant designed spaceship toys ever.
I was not attracted by the functionality of the toy. The sound it produces is really annoying, that's why I never wanted to own this ship when I was a kid...
When I changed my mind, of course, the ship was not available in stores anymore.
I found those two Starbirds (One still in the box) on Ebay some years ago. And I am very pleased to have them as part of my collection today.

Buck Rogers Draconian Marauder : Mego

The Draconian Marauder is the opponent of the Starfighter in the movie “Buck Rogers”. I never really liked the design of the Draconians, I really prefered the Starfighter style. The toy was built by Mego and the finish has nothing to do with Kenner, Mecanno or Hasbro in the eighties. The plastic is very fragile, the parts does not fit properly, no transparent part (canopy). Anyway, I was happy to find one in its box on Ebay at a very cheap price.

samedi 9 avril 2011

The Six Million Dollar Man Figures : Kenner

The Garden... Still so many things to do...

The "pond" Project... Initiated in 2008...

Nothing original, but still... Butterflies are back and it is good to mention it as they're getting scarce

 Here is the second Dragonfly, less colored than the first one, I had the opportunity to shoot it closer.
What can I say,  I like human flying machine... No really??? I love our flying machines, but this is just
nature perfect engineering !

 Check list completed ! Ready to take off !


Stone experiment... I'll come back on this later...

"Small" friends awakening...

My pond is invaded by the "Pseudorasboras"...
From Wiki : "This fish was introduced in the 1960s into ponds in Nucet, Dâmboviţa County, Romania and it made its way into Danube, then spreading throughout Europe. They pose danger to another species such as the sunbleaks (Leucaspius delineatus), as they are the carrier of a parasite (Sphaerothecum destruens) which while not damaging to the topmouth gudgeon, attacks other fishes like the sunbleaks, which are unable to spawn and have a higher mortality when infected."
So... The nice fishes that came naturally in my pond and that I like to watch "dancing"... is a parasite ! holding more parasites... Cute isn't it ?
No problem ! Its crazy reproduction rate will make him the ideal lunch for my "kingfishers" (Martin pêcheur)...

Spring is here ! Nature awakes !
And we have a nice week-end, so I decided to enjoy the sun outside !
I started to clean the first pond, started two years ago (edges not finished yet).
I will also go on, with the second ponds, using the learning of the mistakes I did on the first one...
The plants around the ponds are still too small in April, so I do not have enough shadow to be protected from the growth of algae, this nice sun that we have in end of march is causing a real revolution in the balance of the water quality.
But I will act, if this gets out of control...