mercredi 20 juillet 2011

BB Revolver : ASG Dan Wesson 357 8" - 4,5mm CO2

OK, another BB gun, this time it is the toy of a friend who doesn't have enough room where she lives, so I keep her revolver and she comes to enjoy it in the garden.
I can of course use it anytime if I want ! (if I am careful...). It came out of the box with a rail, 6 fake cartridges and a stupid and not practical "speed" loader...
The 8 inches barrel gives it an impressive look.
The inside cylinder has been weakened to avoid any use with a real cartridge. But the extractor is functionnal like the original. The cylinder has 6 chambers and rotates counterclockwise.
The brass cartridges have a nice look, too sad they are marked Dan Wesson... 357 Mag would have been better.
You get 6 cartridges only, I purchased 25 more separately (the wrong model... But I already converted 6 of them...) The fact that you have to handle the cartridges and fill the chamber like the original, makes this model a perfect revolver trainer for the beginner.
The rear sight is adjustable.
The sight is basic but OK, it is not made for "combat" because of the lenght of the barrel, and the time to acquire the target, it is more for "hunting"...
It is a heavy toy, 1,05 kg... But a real Python 6" is at 1,320 kg, so the Dan Wesson replica is not that heavy... And anyway you get use to it quickly.
The finish is "clean" but mat black... Some noobs would love its smooth and dark aspect... Personally I do not like it, in fact I do not like any zamac finish... If you compare with a Colt royal blue you will understand what I mean... Some gloss zamac finishes are acceptable, and for a modern pistol like a SIG or a Glock it is fine, but please do not tell me that this is a perfect finish...
The real Colt and Korth have some of the best finishes.
The proportions of the "Dan Wesson" frame behind the cylinder is not elegant, this is due to the CO2 system... But If you have never seen a real Dan Wesson you will not notice it.

The accuracy test was really positive at 10 meters (11 yards - 32,8 feet) 18 BBs.
Again, no miracle with a smooth bore barrel. The CO2 pressure was more constant then usual during the shooting session.

lundi 18 juillet 2011

Airsoft AEG : DBoys M4 CQB-R 6mm BB

Here is my DBoys CQB-R AEG, it is an interesting model at a very cheap price, I know that some "experts" spend a lot of money to improve it. Personally I do not upgrade "investing" in spare parts, I do not play "in the field", so I can not justify any improvements. It is certainly not the best model, but you can count on it if you are careful with your toy... I have this model for more then 3 years, and no problem so far ("plinking" in my garden only of course).
All the markings are there, but... White... Why??? OK, I could remove the white or cover with black paint, but I get use to it with time, I just do not get the point to highlight the marking on a "weapon"???!!!??? If there is a tactical reason do not hesitate to tell it to me !

The hop up system is easily accessible, but once the window is open, the look is not realistic at all...
The main proportions of the AR15 body are well rendered, but as usual the "zamac" just seems too fragile for me.

Here is a sizes comparison with an AR15 A2 and A Steyr STG 58 (a copy of the FN FAL under Steyr license). The Compact M4 is of course more practical for the players.

The average speed of the M4 CQB-R is around 337 FPS with 0,25g BB.

dimanche 17 juillet 2011

BB Rifle : Umarex - Baikal - YunkerII 4,5mm (based on real AK)

This the "Umarex" - "Baikal", Yunker2...
Did Umarex build it? NO ! Did Baikal built it ? NO ! So where did this stuff comes from ?
Eastern Europe for sure ! But exactly ? NO idea !
But this CO2 rifle is 95% real steel  ! As it is built around a real AK 74 base !

The look and feel is perfect!
The bolt-carrier is functional even if it does nothing...
The C02 conversion is mainly the firing mechanism, the magazine, and the barrel.

The sight is the basic standard AK sight in steel of course !
The Flash suppressor is in ZAMAC ??? On some versions it is in plastic (different shape), so I'm happy at least with this stupid Zamac part...
The CO2 system is integrated into a real AK magazine, It is a very strong piece, but it's not practical to load the 4,5mm BBs...
The markings on the frame are Yunker 2 (the model ?) And Umarex (license owner ?)
on the CO2 system, Baikal ! Maybe Baikal was in charge of the conversion?
Baikal produces cheap and basic real weapons.
They produce also a CO2 Makarov in 4,5mm, based on the real pistol too.


I own some other AK magazines, so I tried one real AK 74 magazine on it and it fits perfectly

Here is a comparison with a real Chinese AK 47, most of the parts can be changed from one to the other...

So what is the point with this rifle?
Accurate ? I wouldn't say so... But for plinking at 10m it is fun !
Replica ? Yes ! As it is based on the real one, it is not a replica, IT IS A REAL AK !
Reliable ? Of course ! it is steel made and so simple !
The price was cheap so, why not ? It will be a nice addition to my modern PM collection.
 Here is the accuracy test, the target is an actual size bowling pin, printed on an A4.
The circle in the center has a diameter of 50mm.
I placed he first target at 10metres.
 The two impacts on the top were the first, after this, the pressure goes down a little bit.
and the group gets more coherent.
I was not expecting better result with a smooth bore barrel, a CO2 cartridge that freeze after five BBs, and a 15° in July... At least it was not raining today... (not yet).
Here is a more realistic view of the 10 meters target (11 yards 32,8 feet), and the 20 meters target  (21,8 yards - 65,6 feet). I shoot on the 33cl cans on the back with no problem.

Airsoft : KJ KP-06 - Colt 2009 Rail Concept KJW

This reproduction of a Colt, in 45 ACP with an extended barrel, is using C02 cartridge, it is "firing" 6mm BB and therefore is considered as an "airsoft" but this one as some real punch !
I have seen it also under the name : "KJW hi capa 6-inch", but without "Colt markings".
"they" announced 446 on the box... In fact it is, in average, around 295 FPS with 0,25g BB.
The main problem (if it is one?) is the weight... Personally I'm used to heavy guns, so I like it, but for a real players, it would be too much, it is supposed to be a secondary weapon, but its power will not allow you to use it at short distance...
My yard is 55m long and the BB goes far away (with the hop-up correctly set up).
I do not like the CO2 loading system, the screw is not practical...
I did shoot around 50 BB with one CO2 cartridge, so it is very much "gas consuming",
But as I mentioned it, it is a heavy model, I'll shoot cans at 15/20 m, using 2 or 3 cartridges, then I 'll get bored and play with another toy...
The accuracy is excellent for a "heavy Zamac toy..."
 I'll see how the complex mechanical parts react with CO2 with time.
I just saw my Glock exploding its fake barrel, using green gas only...
(Green Gas is not recommended according to my friend Laurent).
I will always be a fan of the "Colt 1911 A1 style", with the Colt Python 357 6", they are the most beautiful handguns of all time ! (only Korth can do better in term of finish, but at a crazy price...).
There is no steel part in this model (except the screws and rods), most parts are in zamac, aluminum and plastic.The hammer will suffer a lot with time...
The trigger is "adjustable"...
The extractor is simulated (very obvious from the rear).
All the safety devices are functional like the original.
The optical fiber sight is "interesting", I never used one before, I do not like the science fiction style it has, but as long as it is effective, why not?...

So in summary, it is a cool looking pistol, looks reliable too but... We will see... 
 Here are some tests I did, at 10 Meters (11 yards), and 15 meters (16,5 yards).
I used 0,25gr BBs and of course CO2 cartridge, 10 BBs on each target.
I fixed the A4 prints on a big cardboard box (to avoid having BBs all over my garden)
but with this gun, the BBs went straight through the box and even far away behind...
For 15 meters, I think that the hop-up is set up  a little bit too high.
But still, the bowling pins are dead... 
Here the detail of the CO2 version of the magazine. 

Airsoft : Glock 32 Kuan Ju Works

AIRSOFT... Not that "soft" anymore...
I remember in the Eighties early Nineties, when I started to enjoy shooting inside, with the first basics Manual Marui guns (cheap, fragile but nice look). These bad quality replicas where all over the market, all the kids used to play with these "dangerous toys", you could find BB's in all the streets of Brussels... It gave a very bad reputation to airsoft guns.
Some brands like MGC, Maruzen, KWC, Tanaka, were already producing semi metal (ZAMAC) and ABS plastic models, but they were more expensive and still externally "plastic" like (no blow back of course)
Some models were still produced in Japan, today it is not the case anymore... (Taiwan, China, Phillipines, etc...)
After many legal issues about the non licenced use of the real manufacturers name on the replicas,
Marui became the major producer, and the quality improved a lot, the first full automatic model where really fun but still fragile.
At that time I used to own : AK 47 wooden stock (Marui electric) - HK MP5 special ops full options (Marui electric) - HK MP5 K (Marui electric) - AR15 Delta Elite (KWC spring) - Wilson combat 45 acp (MGC Gas powered) - Smith and Wesson 645 (Marui spring) - Glock 9mm 6"(Marui spring) - USM1 wooden stock (Marushin spring) - Automag 44 (Marui spring) - Colt 45 combat (KWC spring)

Then I stopped completely Airsoft practise, I sold everything...

Today we have to face a huge increase of manufacturers, from the best to the worse...
Metal parts is getting common, but still fucking ZAMAC ! Zamac is the top of the shit when we talk about metal! OK, you are proud to own a metal replica, this is better than plastic... But please do not compare it with a full steel gun ! And I do not give a shit if it is written Colt on your weapon !

I remember a friend telling me, that he owned the 177 pellet caliber version of the Colt 1911 A1 pistol ! It is writen on it and on the box ! It is a Colt !
Your pretended pistol, is in fact mechanicaly a revolver !
And it was made in germany not in the United States... Externaly it looks like a 1911A1, but put a real one next to it and you will understand...

I'm certainly not an expert, but I was enjoying airsoft practice, long before most of the "young gods of today" were not even born...

So I broke a lot of stuff... And get used to repair them myself to save money... I like when an object last as long as possible...

Last year I decided to invest again in some airsoft models with younger friends to guide me in this big mess of modern airsoft market...

I bought an electric Colt M4 CQB (DBoys shit but cheap), and a compact back up gun, a Glock 32c (KJW) !
We had a lot of fun with both, the shity DBoys M4 is still working very well, but the glock had a "surprising malfunction" yesterday... I shoot a few BBs then my barrel jumped out of the slide !
We laughed a lot !
The fake barrel was broken at its weakest point (see picture below).
As usual I was crazy... I hate to break things... But I love to fix stuffs hahaha !
I wanted immediately to find  solution to fix it ! I decided to replace the barrel with a steel tube, cut properly and adjusted inside the chamber (on the edge). I used a polymer ("metal") glue, but this is not strong enough, I added three small rods of steel on the sides and on the top.
as you can see the result looks fine, the rods are not touching the "real" 6mm barrel of course...
You can see where I have chosen to place the Steel rods.
I added a smaller piece of tube as a guide in the front part of the fake barrel, some sand paper...
And I painted the whole in Mat Black.
I re assembled everything !
And here are some BB tests, we did this morning...
I tried another gas, "less powerful". It seems to work fine for a broken gun !

Today I wanted to do some "accuracy" tests...
I have decided to start with the "repaired" Glock !
I used a less powerful gaz then before, I shoot 3 BBs and...
A very subtil but disturbing sound came out in the chamber area, I thought that my repair was broken again... But in fact it was something else...
 There is a little "hook" underneath the chamber, I noticed during my previous repair that half of this small part was already missing... But the biggest part was still there so I didn't really care about it...
In fact this "hook" suffers a lot during the blow back process as it hit this "little blade" on the body...
I have already shot probably a thousand of BBs with this glock. This was inevitable. Maybe it could have last longer if I had use a less powerful gas from the beginning...
OK Laurent ! I'm still learning...
 Again I was pissed off... But cool ! Some imagination and delicate work will be necessary ! I'm on the case ! I decided to replace the hook by a small folded steel plate, I inserted the plate in a tiny slot (parallel on each half of the chamber).
This plate should not interfer with the hop up system, so I worked very carefully.
But after some adjustments the two halfs of the chamber fit together again, I added a small drop of cyano to lock the plate, but it was already strongly maintained.
I re assembled everything again ! And started my accuracy test !
10 BBs at 10 meters aproximately 11 yards, I use an A4 Bowling pin target, it remembers me the shape of something but what?... No, no this is not a human shaped target !!! It is a bowling pin...
It was 15° outside one of the worst July in Belgium... The 3 last BBs had less punch...
But OK ! The bowling pin would be out of the table anyway. The average speed is around 205 FPS with 0,25g BB.
 So the Glock is back to life again... Apparently the next stuff that will break, will be the hammer (49), according to what I've read from other user on this KJW Glock 32c. We will see.