samedi 6 août 2011

Space shuttle Discovery : Hasegawa 1/200

From the box
Painting : Tamiya & Humbrol
Varnish : Tamiya
I do not care about Hubble (today).
Since the announcement of the end of the shuttle program... I wanted to do a Space Shuttle, the first one that I did was in 83 (from Airfix), at that time I did not paint it... and used only black markers for the black area... I 'll try to do better with this very small 1/200 model...

I started with painting the whole model in white, with a light "preshading", then I covered the model with many small chips of Tamiya masking tape.

The covered parts would be the most clean tiles, I airbrushed some grey/yellow in various proportions.
 To break the monotony of the flat surface of this small model
Then, I painted the big black areas, the small details would be painted later by hand.

I painted the engine bells, with different shades, from brown to blue, gray or white.
I did a quick dry brush with white to highlight the structure. Many details are missing on this model, but as usual I do not have time for "scratch", so it will be "from the box" project again...
The general aspect is glossy at this stage (for the decals).
The next step will be the bottom and the mat varnish (Arcylic). Then I will start the weathering with oil paintings. The end is near...
Here is the result with a thin layer of mat varnish.
The side is still too clean, I'll let everything dry then I'll take care on this with oil paintings or airbrush...

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