lundi 12 décembre 2011

NON FIRING REPLICA (Metal) : Winchester M 1897

This is the MGC (Model Gun Corporation) replica of the Winchester 12 gauge pump shotgun Model 1897. The look is fine the wooden stock is in good condition. The barrel in (zamac) is gloss black, the frame is in a dark steel color, the magazine tube is in steel an blued. Apparently you could still find recently an upgraded version of this rifle from Tanaka at
The finish of these recent models are really nice, but remember that they replaced some metal parts with ABS plastic... 
On the side, it is mentioned "Model 1897 Shotgun", and U.S. on the frame.
The front of the rifle looks impressive, as most shotgun rifles.
The hammer is external, this is typical to this 1897 model.
The markings on the top of the barrel are :
Safety device shotgun model designed by apr. 28. 1975 Manufactured by Modelgun Corporation Tokyo Japan.
And the MGC logo of course.
The 28 of April 1975 ! That's an accurate information... Before or after lunch ?
Anyway it gives you the information of the start of the production time for this replica. I remember buying this one end of the 80's.
I remember also that I have replaced the screws maintaining the rear plate of the wooden stock, and I erased the MGC logo, that was in "relief".
Based on pictures, I've added a serial number on the frame and an arsenal number on the stock
Actioning the pump will push a Dummy cartridge in the frame, moving the pump forward will raise and will load the cartridge in the chamber (not really in fact, but it is very complicated to explain... And it is linked to the use of Caps in "firing mode" with the appropriate dummies).

My dummies are in red plastic, the chrome of the base of the cartridge is quite fragile, and some chrome chips went away with time...

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2 commentaires:

pirate24 a dit…

where can i buy this? though i've seen this in a youtube video saying that is has been discontinued. but still i'm just wondergin if you may know where i can find this.

T a dit…

Hi Pirate,

You are right these, full metal replicas are not produced anymore.

I know that in the UK, there was some sellers like but as you can see the link seems dead... The other problem according to me is that these modern versions are a l0t in ABS plastic... Not realistic enough !
But if there is nothing else...
I see that the world of airsoft is progressing in terms of metal replicas, I do not kwow if a trench gun exist yet, but I'sure it will soon !
So be patient, or be lucky with a second hand research, be carefull because these metal replica are fragile, this is only "Zamac", not steel.

Good luck !