mercredi 23 novembre 2011

Star Wars Collection : Darth Vader TIE Fighter (1978)

"Scale" : Made for 3-3/4" figures

What is the difference between a TIE and an "Advanced" TIE, such as the Darth Vader personal fighter ?
You can say easily, the wings shape and the solar arrays ! But not only... The standard TIE does not have Hyperdrive system, the advanced TIE has it behind the canopy. And this is the main problem on this toy, "they" have used the same command module mold, to reduce production cost. We will see later that "they" will create a better looking toy of the Advanced TIE in the nineties.

The overall shape of the toy is better then the standard TIE of 1978, but the big missing part, containing the hyperdrive, is not nice at all.
The white injected plastic has been replaced by a dark gray which suffers a little bit less than the white with time.

The solar arrays are still simulated by glossy stickers. And you can see that, with time, some bubbles can appear, and the surface can become irregular.
Nothing is missing on this one, but it is less good looking then what I expect.

At the rear you can find the sound and light effects button, it is on top of the battery case, same as the white TIE.

I own two models of this Darth Vader TIE, one loose and the other in box, but as you can see "not in mint condition", I would say 7/10.

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Eric Laperriere a dit…

I recently aquired a vintage Darth Vader Tie Fighter and the hatch flap doors have open windows and noticed that the one on the pictures is all solid, no windows openings like mine. Do you have know witch one was produced first?

Thanks in advance