mercredi 23 novembre 2011

Star Wars Collection : White Imperial TIE Fighter (1978)

"Scale" : Made for 3-3/4" figures

As I mentionned it, I do not collect Star Wars toys anymore (Since 2008).

But I though that it could be interesting to share "the classic vintages" in several messages in addition to the Star Wars collection quick preview.

I decided to start with the TIE Imperial Fighter.

I own 15 TIE models. This one is MINT condition 10/10.

Most of the white plastic vintage toys suffer of "Yellowing".
This dirty yellowing comes from age, but mainly because of light, UV being the worst for white plastics.
If you want to collect toys and keep them in perfect condition, avoid aligning them on shelves, out of the box and directly expose to sun light, even a few minutes only every day will damage your toy.
I purchased this one early 2000, and I was really pleased when I opened the box discovering the excellent condition of the toy.

The box still contains the stickers, the manual and the small catalog.
This first Twin Ion Engines version, has a kind of elevator to access the cockpit.

The toy has a "light and sound" effect (mecanical), there was no electronic sound at that time... The battery contacts are in copper and get oxided very quickly (green)

Below, you can see another of my models, this is the standard condition (yellowed) of a model that has been used and too much exposed to UV light. These cheap, used, models can be found easily on ebay.
At that time, the solar array were figurated by stickers on the wings, we will see that later there will be huge improvement on this detail.

The global shape of this toy is not elegant or let's say "balanced", this is due to the fact that the wings were really too small, we will see with a "newer" (2007) version, that it has been improved a lot.

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