mercredi 23 novembre 2011

Star Wars Collection : Imperial TIE Fighter (1995)

"Scale" : Made for 3-3/4" figures

This version of the TIE Fighter, even if it does keep the main defects of the previous models (solar array much too small), have also some improvements that was announcing the future models.

This one is MINT condition too, 10/10.
This fighter is in gray-green injected plastic.

This model has been simplified , no light and sound (mecanical) anymore.
The elevator has been removed.

No more button at the rear, but the "block" used as a "handle", that was containing the batteries, is still there.

One nice improvement is the cockpit glass which is painted in light gray, there is a stupid colorful sticker on the front of the dashboard

Another nice improvement is the solar arrays, bye bye stickers ! Now there is a nice structure painted black

To summarize :
- No more "middle age sound system" (rattle clacker) I'm not kidding open one of these old toys and you will see...
- No more sad stickers but a nice black structure for the wings.
- Some color on the frame of the cockpit glass.
- But sadly in 1995, the small wings are still there... This will change...

So globally many interesting improvements, but still... the "big" problem... The ridiculous small solar arrays...
I remember that even with these improvements, I did not buy any TIE fighter at that time...

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