mercredi 23 novembre 2011

Star Wars Collection : Imperial TIE Fighter (2003)

Hasbro (Bye Bye Kenner)
"Scale" : Made for 3-3/4" figures.

This is the last of my "midget" standard TIE Fighter...
They made more improvements, that we will review here, but...
It still looks "ridiculous" (small solar arrays).
I had the same problem with the X-wing, the first one was a caricature...
As a kid, I was not interested by the models with strange proportions
OK today I've got them all... And in many variations... But the reason is that I'm insane... like many other crazy geek or collectors.

So, this one again is in MINT condition, The box is "modern", I mean that you see the toy through the plastic window. The reason is that you can watch the object on the shelves of the shop (yes, remember! Some years ago we were supposed to "GO" shopping, meet people, order things and be very patient sometimes... yes, yes the world was crazy... Today you "clic", after 10 minutes you complain, and you never move your ass anymore of course...)
The other reason, is that the collectors can store their precious little crap and be able to look at them without opening the box. NEVER OPEN THE BOX !

That's how I realized my illness, and my addiction, these things are only toys, not a piece of art...
"They" produce these "wonders", to be a collector Item immediately, the price is "collector" also of course... This is stupid... Where is the pleasure to search, gather information and share with others ???

I do not get it... My point of view is that a toy is just a toy... Specially the ones "Made in china".

I do not blame anyone, I was accumulating thousands of items during many years and I had fun with this hobby, but today it is over for me. I have other interests, and no more room anymore in my house, So I'm happy to exchange or discuss about the collections (Star Wars or others) but I do not "invest" anymore...

Let's come back on this other "midget TIE", the last one...
The frames of the cockpit glass are painted, the sticker of the dashboard is OK.
No red LED anymore or sound effect, so the front is nice.
Oh yes, you get a "free" pilot with the fighter...

YES ! That's an improvement ! It took them 25 years to achieve this...
A nice rear side.

The origin is obvious... No "Mexico" anymore...

The solar arrays are the structured ones, with black painting.
It is "cool" but nothing new..

So, on this one, a huge progress as been done, the rear side !
But what about the wings??? How many years will we have to wait???
In fact as you probably know it, they made it... But this will be for another topic.

We are getting closer, but it still looks completely stupid.

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