mercredi 23 novembre 2011

Star Wars Collection : TIE Fighter Battle-Damaged (1983)

"Scale" : Made for 3-3/4" figures

What is the difference between a standard white TIE fighter and an Battle Damaged TIE?
In fact, there is no difference !
Stickers with additional damage stickers.
The plastic is blue (gray/blue).

The elevator is still there and the "light & sound system" remains the same...

This one is also in MINT condition, it has never been used.
All the stickers and the manual are in perfect condition.

This model is blue-gray

The "fake damages" stickers have been printed separately on transparent film, this would allow the kid, to position the damages where they want to.
It was also a way to "customize" your toy.

They used all the molds of the 1978 model, there is not structural changes.
The "cockpit glass" is still fully transparent, this will change on the next model

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